Jeanine Vandel

Sales Agent/Owner

Jeanine Vandel was born at home, when that sort of thing was still happening, in [very] rural Nebraska, just west of Arnold. She was the only girl in a family of three, and as the story goes, didn’t know she wasn’t a boy until the age of twelve, when her Mom put her in a dress to go to town! Logan county NE had the usual rural schools having just a handful of students in the entire school, but that was enough because Jeanine graduated from Arnold High in 1961, and from Baylor in 1965. Not knowing for sure what she wanted to do with her degree, she decided to take a position as a welfare case worker in Torrington Wyoming.

Torrington offered the rural life style Jeanine preferred and soon settled into the area just fine. Part of her duties in her new position was to pick up prescriptions for her clients from the local drug store. It just so happens the owner was the older brother of her soon-to-be husband, so of course, older brother [John] didn’t waste any time in playing cupid, and Jeanine found herself on a blind date with Dick [Vandel]. To make a long story, short, Jeanine Steele and Dick Vandel were married in late 1967 and started their life together. Soon on, they decided in-the-country was the place to raise a family so Jeanine and Dick bought a farm just north of Torrington, where they still reside. After much needed work was completed on the old farm house, the Vandels moved in and started their family.

Fast forward to 1986 and four daughters later, the Vandels decided to open a Real Estate office utilizing the original structure on the place which was even older than the farm house having been constructed sometime in the late 1800’s. With the major remodel completed, the RE office doing well and the daughters old enough to be out-and-about on their own most of the time, Jeanine decided to join Dick in the family business. Jeanine received her RE license in 1991 and has been dealing in residential RE listing, sales and property management since that time. If you would like to move to the Torrington / Goshen County area and want a house, Jeanine of Windmill Real estate would be who you want to contact.

Jeanine and Dick are slowly de-emphasizing their involvement in the family business and have brought on very capable assistance in Curtis [son-in-law] and Terry [agent] to help out.

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